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Music Producer Pharrell Williams and Shari Neely after the Something In The Water Music Festival.
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About us

Creative Systems Consulting 57 LLC, aka Creative Systems Endeavors is Veteran, Women and Minority owned and operated. It was founded by Clarence Neely (top left) . Also known to many as “Khalil” and to some he’s considered a genius, “the Big Idea Guy.”  He is a retired Senior Enlisted Member of the United States Coast Guard.  After retirement he decided to switch gears and go to work in the Entertainment Industry as a Publicist, Promoter and Marketing Executive. He spent many years writing articles for Magazines, Promoting Concerts and Events and has worked with some of the biggest names in Show business such as; Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, the list goes on.  His journey in the Entertainment Industry didn’t come without its challenges. As the industry became digitized the Music Industry began to lose sales, this included concert ticket sales. This caused Him to have to result to drastic measures and downsize. In addition, many business relationships went south. Because of His winning Spirit and Positive approach to the most negative situations he was able to bounce back and rebuild many of those business relationships and learn the new Digital World.

Clarence was recently appointed by the Virginia Beach City Council to the Virginia Beach Minority Business Council in addition he is one of the Corporate Trainers at the Honor Foundation based in Virginia Beach.  The Honor Foundation is a Military transitioning program for Members of the Special Operations Forces Community. Clarence also sits on The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Military Advisory Council as well as the Hampton Roads Leadership Round Table.

Virginia Beach Minority Business Council.
Hampton Roads Leadership Round Table

Shari Neely, the Wife of Clarence Neely and the Co-owner and Co-Founder is considered the “Creative Genius.” When she’s not contributing to the Business, She works as a Public Information Officer at the Virginia Beach Emergency Communications Center 311 division. She’ shown here with Music Producer Pharrell Williams after the Something In The Water Music Festival, held in Virginia Beach. Pharrell made it a point to visit the Emergency Communication Center and thank all the Operators.

Meet the Team

Our Creatives are the most talented Individuals in the Industry. Our Multi-faceted approach to business allows us to extend our talent into the far reaches of the Marketing and Advertising Industry.


Director of Customer Service and Client Relations. She is responsible for getting businesses set up with our Virtual or Live Receptionist program.


One of our Creatives, Visual Talent and Executive Assistant. She’s also a State Certified Massage Therapist.


One of the Creatives, Podcast Host and Visual and Voice Talent.

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